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Allensbc Soda Blasting since 1995

Allensbc has 30 years of experience in the Restoration /Remediation Services trade. We provide workmanship for thedomestic and commercial markets. Allensbc is recognized as a leader in non-abrasive media blasting.

Historic Grain Elevator
statue+liberty+web+pic.jpg 2013-10-31-16:4:45
1800 building restored
Delicate Cleaning and Decoating
fire station
log cabin Restoration
Key Features and Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate Cleaning

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda base blasting media) is a non-destructive cleaning. Contains no solvents or caustic chemicals. Soda Blasting is an environmentally responsible method of cleaning, it is non-hazardous, nontoxic, and biodegradable. Suitable to use in FDA-regulated facilities and is a USDA-approved A1 cleaner.

Our Services Include

Removal of coatings and contaminants from a variety of substrates. Non-destructive cleaning without alteration of the base material. Cleaning of Disaster losses, Interior / Exterior Buildings, Architectural / Historical Restoration. Cleaning of Wood, Metal, Brick, Stone, Masonry, Glass and Steel.

Our Process

  At our Soda Blasting media company, we use a specialized process to clean and prepare surfaces for painting and other treatments. Our process involves using a pressurized stream of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which is a non-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable media. This process is effective in removing paint, grease, oil and other contaminants without damaging the underlying material. we use our blasting equipment to apply the soda blasting media. We use different types of blasting equipment depending on the size and shape of the surface and the amount of pressure needed to properly clean the surface. We then adjust the pressure of the blasting media to ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned. After the blasting is complete, we then inspect the surface to ensure that all contaminants have been removed.


Non -Toxic Non - Hazardous Completely non-toxic and non-hazardous (per EPA and OSHA regulations). It is also approved by the USDA as an A-1 Cleaner for use in food processing facilities or FDA regulated facilities. Soda blasting, Service in  Iowa , Illinios, Wisconsin , Minnesota.

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